I have a curiosity that never ends.  I enjoy cooking, world travel, athletics, gardening, computers, tinkering in the garage, and so much more. I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. I am currently pursuing an associate degree in culinary arts, for which my only plan is to prepare a great deal of food and share it during long evenings with good friends. I have lived all over the world from the Midwest to Moscow, and have been privileged to visit over thirty countries. I currently live in Bloomington, Indiana with my amazing wife, Kerilyn, and our mischievous black lab, Porter.

I started taking photographs on a family holiday in South Africa after my father had gotten a new camera. I loved it because I could finally capture memories and take them with me. As my experience has grown, my love of photography has extended to the capturing of relationship and emotion. It will always make me smile to take a photograph and anticipate sharing it with those who also love remembering.